Can anybody decipher the writing on this medal?

Chinese medal

It looks like the Chinese Small Seal script, but I can only work out a few of the characters at the top: (reading from right to left) “開業二拾”.

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2 Responses to Puzzle

  1. Hotball says:

    The top line looks like ”開業二拾年紀念” 20 years anniversary of opening.
    The bottom line looks like “大正十四年十月”
    The two “年” in the top and the bottom are different but I think they are just different forms of the same character.

  2. Tommy says:

    If the bottom line says 大正十四年十月, then this is the 14th year of the Japanese period called Taisho (大正 tai-shou). This would be 1925.

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