Can anyone decipher the inscription below?

Inscription on sword

It appears on a British sword from the 18th century which was used in Persia. The owner of the sword believes that the inscription is in some form of Persian and that it’s a prayer or a message.

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  1. TJ says:

    I think it is urdu judging from the little superscript over the “M” in the first word. Well, it is supposed to be over the last letter not the “M” but anyway it is a calligraphic thing. As far as I know this little letter above changes the “T” to “T^H” or a “T” with twirl.

    The overexposure is somehow tricky for the eye to read what written. Anyway, the first 2 words are “Rahmat Awwal” as it seems. First Mercy or something? I can’t be sure.

  2. Alfia says:

    Awwal may be “first’ in Arabic. Have mercy first? It would be appropriate on a sword.

  3. Evans Knight says:

    I agree with Tj that it’s most likely Urdu (or at least a South-Asian language that uses the Arabic script), I don’t think that the mark over the first word is the special “t”. The word after “awal” appears to be “saleh,” which is Persian for year, making the phrase “first year” which would make sense. the rest is a bit more difficult to figure out. the very first part could also be “rahmat,” but i’m not sure yet how it ties in grammatically to the rest of the phrase.

  4. Evans Knight says:

    aaaaand, i just repeated what Tj said. sometimes i should read these comments all the way through before posting my own.

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