Name the script

Here’s a question from gee – can you identify and decipher the following script?

unknown script for you to identify

Some clues
– the script was designed solely for one language
– normally another script is used to write that language

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8 Responses to Name the script

  1. Could this be shorthand for English? I have no idea what it would say, though.

  2. Benjamin says:

    I believe it’s German and written in Stolze-Schreier’s shorthand system.

    Pitman doesn’t have that “e” sign and Gregg has no loops.

    But, although I have a overview of the Schreier signs in front of me, I can’t puzzle it out. :/

  3. Benjamin says:

    Actually it’s “Stolze-Schreyer” with “y”, but yet I have no idea, what the text says. 😉

  4. d.m.falk says:

    My first reaction was chinook wawa, which is based, I think, on Gregg shorthand. There are still a few users of the script, and there’s been a minor resurgence of interest in recent years, but it hasn’t been in common usage since the early years of the 20th Century. It was mostly used in and around the Kamloops, British Columbia, area of Canada. A newspaper, the Kamloops Wawa, was published for around 2 decades in the script.

  5. Simon says:

    Benjamin’s right – the language is German and it’s a form of shorthand, though not Stolze-Schreyer.

    According to gee, it’s German shorthand (the official name is “Deutsche Einheitskurzschrift”) and reads “Das ist Stenographie! Kann das jemand lesen?” (This is shorthand! Can anybody read this?).

  6. Benjamin says:

    Damn, how could I forget about the most important shorthand system in Germany, but remember the main system for German in Switzerland? 😉
    By the way, the DEK (Deutsche Einheitskurzschrift) is some kind of mixture of different “extinct” shorthand systems, with major influence of Stolze-Schreyer – this is why I recognized some of the characters although I was looking on the wrong system’s char table… Next time I won’t stick to one language or script only, when I can’t read something.

  7. Ramses says:

    Hm, looks like Pont and Groote :).

  8. Mark says:

    Benjamin is right, that’s DEK, and it reads “Das ist Stenographie ! Kann jemand lesen ?”

    Chinook outlines are based on Duployé shorthand, not Gregg.

    Happy New Year!

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