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I came across a very useful online translation site today – Polly Glotto. It not only translates text between ten different languages (Chinese, English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish), but also uses text-to-speech technology to speak the translations. The translations it produces aren’t always perfect, but they are generally quite good, and most of the voices sound fairly natural as well.

Here’s a example of the phrase ‘Hello, I am Polly Glotto’ in French.

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2 Responses to Polly Glotto

  1. Polly says:

    Fantastic!:D Too bad there’s nothing for Russian :(. тем не менее, I still have plenty of use for this site.
    I didn’t think they had anything like this, yet. I use Babel fish and Worldlingo extensively for MT, but they don’t offer voice. This is a wonderful tool! I’ve always wished for something that would “speak” whatever I’m reading so that I could hear it as it really sounds. I just hope it’s more or less correct.

  2. Paul says:

    Great idea! I’m not planning to use it on a website yet though. I’m not sure that it will say what I want. I notice that PollyGlotto often misses the first few letters of the translation – is it just me, or is there a bug? I also tried translating some phrases from English to another language and back again, both on PollyGlotto and BabelFish – here’s some of what I got for the traditional English greeting “How do you do?”:

    German – “How?”
    Greek – “What you make?”
    Japanese – “How it does?”

    and my favourite:

    Italian – “How fairies?”

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