Giggling wrigglers

I learnt a nice new German word today – kichern [ˈkɪçɐn], which means to giggle or snicker. Related expressions include:

– ein Kicheranfall = a fit of the giggles
– Wir haben uns darüber gekringelt = We had a good giggle about it
– anfangen herumzukichern = to get the giggles

This also got me thinking about which words rhyme with giggle – there aren’t many, and few of them are commonly-used:

friggle = to wriggle; to fiddle, fumble
higgle = to hawk or peddle provisions; to wrangle (over a price)
jiggle = a weak, shaking movement; to shake, rattle, or wiggle
liggle = to laugh and giggle at the same time
niggle = a minor complaint or problem; to dwell too much on minor points or on trifling details; to fidget, fiddle, be restless
piggle = a long-handled fork for mixing or digging; to dig or uproot; to scrape; to worry about minor points
scriggle = to squirm, wriggle or squiggle; to scribble, jot
sniggle = to chortle or chuckle; snicker; to catch an eel by thrusting a baited hook into its den; to steal something of little value
squiggle = a short twisting or wiggling line or mark; to write (something) illegibly
striggle = to complain about one’s trivial social problems
swiggle = to wriggle, wiggle or squirm; to drink to excess
wiggle = to move with irregular, back and forward or side to side motions; to shake or jiggle.
wriggle = to twist one’s body to and fro with short, writhing motions; to squirm.

Do you know any others?

Are there interesting words for giggles and other types of laughter in other languages?

Sources: Reverso, Wiktionary, Urban dictionary

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  1. Aaron Darcy says:

    This got me considering which words rhyme with giggle… Superb

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