Photo of one of the Bottles in Translation

A teacher from Colorado, Steve Margolin, has come up with an interesting idea – water bottles with a hundred commonly-used phrases printed on them. The phrases are in Spanish, French or Italian with their English equivalents. He calls them “Bottles in Translation” – I coined an alternative name for them – phrasebottles.

While travelling in Europe he realised that he was using the same phrases all the time, and got frustrated with having to keep flicking through his dictionaries and phrasebooks to find them. So he thought it would be really handy to have the phrase on something he carried with him all the time – his waterbottle.

A number of my phrasebooks have the most commonly-used phrases printed on the insides of their front and/or back covers. Others have pull out card with such phrases on them.


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One Response to Phrasebottles

  1. TJ says:

    In my case, I would prefer putting that on my pepsi can or my coffee cup …… coz these are with me most of the time !! (and sometimes some power drinks!)

    phrase + pepsi = phrepsi
    phrase + coffee = phrosee

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