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Yesterday one of my colleagues sent me a link to the Pueblo Inglés, or English Village, which sounds like is a very interesting idea. The English Village is a small, remote hamlet called Valdelavilla in the province of Soria, about four hours north of Madrid. Spanish people can go there to practice and improve their English. Native English speakers from all over the world can stay there for free in return for talking English all day to the Spanish people. English is the only language permitted there.

The organisation that runs the program in Valdelavilla, Vaughan Village, also runs similiar programs in a few other parts of Spain and Italy.

There are a number of English Villages in Korea, though they operate along slightly different lines as they pay English teachers to provide the teaching and conversation practice for the Korean students.

Does anyone know whether there are similar programs for English speakers learning other languages?

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  1. Declan says:

    Sounds like a very good idea for both the visitors, (free) and the Spanish people. Sort of an artificial Gaeltacht.

  2. Adam says:

    I love this idea. I’m going to look into visiting!! Is the one in Italy also free for English speakers?

  3. Simon says:

    Adam – I think the program in Italy is free as well, but it appears to be open only to English speakers who have participated in previous years.

  4. Sarah says:

    Hey, Everyone!
    I couldn’t help but post a comment. The Pueblo Ingles program was the brainchild of Richard Vaughan, who created it within a branch of his own company, Vaughan Systems. Apparently, due to serious discrepancies with his former partner, Richard has now completely disassociated himself from Pueblo Ingles and created his own new program called VaughanTown. It’s a shame to see something so wonderful as the VaughanVillage or Englishtown (as it used to be called) project get caught in the middle of a corporate war, but apparently this couldn’t be helped.

    If you’re open, gregarious and willing to try new things, let me suggest you try the VaughanTown talkathon program in Spain! Its amazing — for 6 days if you agree to live and converse with Spanish clients in english you get a holiday for free in a quaint village at a 4 star hotel. I just spent a week at VaughanTown, the original volunteer program in Spain. It’s a great opportunity to see another side of Spain and get to know Spaniards. I had a lovely time, met great people and will be continuing my travels with them!!
    The website is http://www.vaughantown.com for more information. Enjoy Spain everyone!!!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Well, I couldn’t help but notice that apparently it’s just been a corporate affair, and Pueblo Ingles is still up and running. My friend just came back from a program in La Alberca and was raving about the organization, the staff and the location! I’m doing further research about the program to organize a trip to go in September.

    I’ve recently applied on http://www.puebloingles.com.

  6. Yellow Rose says:

    I applied and was treated very unprofessionally. Based upon my experience I question the quality of the organization. I have 20 years of international experience.

  7. bob walker says:

    Hi Interested in your comment, and wonder what Id get out of it as Im reasonably able/fluent in Spanish but dont really want to spend huge bucks at another school in Spain-just some easy methd where both ENglish and SPanish can be used= it seems this is really for Hisapanic people needing immersion.
    However haven’t seen any other adverse comments yet……I also have plenty international exp

  8. Bob Rini says:

    My wife and I have participated in two Spanish programs: one this year in La Alberca and one in Gredos in 2005. I am looking forward to doing another in 2007. We have met some wonderful Spaniards as well as english speakers and have enjoyed this program immensely. One American couple has participated in 18! englishtown experiences so there must be something there!

  9. Hi,

    We at MovingOn Courses ( http://www.movingoncourses.com ) are minor competition for Vaughn Systems. Indeed, they are professional and have wonderful locations. We offer a similar deal to English speakers (i.e. free stay), with the advantages: 1) we offer daily trips 2) the students are international 3) you have less obligations 4) our students are a greater social mix as we charge 2 to 4 times less.
    In summer 2007 we will be in York, England but for the rest of the year we can offer free long weekends near madrid, Spain.

    Pls contact us with any ideas as we are open to anything

  10. Sandra says:

    We have signed up our kids to go to the teen Pueblo Ingles program this summer and would love to speak to others who have actually participated. You can contact me at shm@ufl.edu. THANKS!

  11. Hello again, not sure why anyone should sign up for a course and LATER ask for comments from people that have done the course!! If there is anyone, out there, that is 26+ and can drive a large car, pls contact us. In 2007 http://www.movingoncourses.com visits York, England but we still need some help. Tks

  12. Deborah says:

    Pueblo Ingles is amazing! I have been to 5 of their programs and strongly recommend it. The anglos get as much out of the program as the Spaniards.

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