Learning Russian and Manx

I’ve been learning Russian with Rosetta Stone for just over six months now and don’t feel like I’m making much progress. The Rosetta Stone Russian course is a fairly effective way of learning vocabulary and some sentence patterns, but not particularly useful if you want to learn how to converse in Russian. So I’m considering trying a different course. Any suggestions? As far as I can tell, the Teach Yourself Russian courses seem to be pretty good.

Why am I learning Russian? Well, a knowledge of that language would be quite useful to me when editing websites in Russian, and I am quite interested in Russian literature. I’ve read and enjoyed some Russian novels and short stories in English and French translation, and would quite like to be able to read them and others in the original – it will be quite a while before I can do that though, I think.

Ec y traa cheddin, ta mee gynsaghey Gaelg myrgeddin. Shegin dou jannoo ymmyd mennick jeh fockleyr, agh ta fys ennagh aym er y Ghaelg nish. Ta mee goaill gynsaghey çhengaghyn, ny çhengaghyn Celtiagh er lheh, as ta treisht orrym bee Gaelg flaaoil aym dy leah.

At the same time, I’ve also been learning Manx, and can now understand, speak, read and write it, at least to some extent, with frequent reference to a dictionary. The Manx courses I’ve been using are more focused on everyday language, and I’m more motivated to learn Manx.

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  1. Bill Walsh says:

    I would actually suggest taking a course from a local college or Berlitz. Russian’s got a fairly complicated grammar (active six-case system, unusual verbal-aspect system) that make it particularly tricky for an English speaker. Having a little formal instruction from someone who knows the language goes a long way in getting over the initial, inevitable bumps in the road. Plus, your accent ends up much better (and Russians love when you speak their language with a nice accent).

    Много успехов!

  2. Mairi says:

    I am also learning Manx – just a beginner – but I am fluent in Russian. I may help you in exchange for Manx, for where I am now – far away from the wee I.o.M. – there are no books or tapes – at all. 🙁

  3. ChenXi says:

    I’d suggest Assimil’s 1970s Russian Course if you can find it. As far as I know it’s still available in the German version as “Russisch ohne muhe” there are 100 lessons. It’s a great program. Also, you can find it floating around online if you know where to look.

  4. Josh says:

    I’m using two things for my Russian learning right now: The New Penguin Russian Course, by Nicholas J. Brown, and Pimsleur’s Russian 1. So far it’s going well. You could probably manage with just the book, as long as you can listen to some Russian, which, with the internet, shouldn’t be a problem.

  5. Rob Teare says:

    My ta shiu geearree jannoo coloayrtys sy Ghaelg cur post-l hym as fodmayd loayrt liorish skype. Ta my enmys post-l ry-gheddyn er y vlog aym.

  6. Lyuba says:

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    Успехов в учёбе!

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