How many of me?

I came across an interesting website that tells you how many people there are in the USA who share the same name as you. I looked up my name and discovered that there are 38,996 Simons, but only 1,800 Agers. The number of people in the States called Simon Ager is zero.

According to another site that does the same thing for the UK, there 10 other people who share my name. The site says that “There are probably more people killed in yoghurt, cream, marshmallow and fluffy thing accidents each year then there are of you.” – isn’t that nice to know! You can also leave messages for people who share your name that they’ll see if they search for themselves.

There’s probably a Greek or Latin-derived term for the practise of searching for yourself and/or your name online, but can’t think what it is. Any suggestions?

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  1. Happily, the odds against a Simon Agar dying in a “fluffy thing” accident, then, are astronomical, 🙂 being the product of two very small ratios. However, that leaves open many far less appealing alternatives. 🙁

    1,426,351 of my first name in the U.S.. No surprise there, I’m well acquainted with half a dozen people with my name. And 0 people with my last name in the US. This must be an error as I have a couple of paternal relatives. No word on fatality rates vis-a-vis my “namesakes.”

  2. No Declans in America it said. I find that hard to believe but it does show why no Americans can remember it.
    In the other one, 3522 Declans, which seems slightly more remark.

  3. There were over 3100 people in the US with my first and last name. I know for a fact that there are at least 5 people in the city where I live who have the same first middle and last name that I have.

  4. Apparently, there are no people in the US with my first name or a combination of my first and last names. There were a few people with my last name though. I know for a fact that this is wrong. I think that I am the only person in the world that has the exact same first, middle, and last name as me. Doing a google search of one’s name is a bit more insightful.

  5. Woah, deja vu. About 2-3 days ago someone posted the same link on a forum… Anyway, ends up that there’s 9 of me in the US and 1 in the UK. I like what the squirrel says: You are unique. You are one with the angry Squirrel. Shout ‘I am the unique. “I am unified with the badger overlord.’ People will run away. That’s because they’re jealous. JEALOUS..”

  6. My family is the whole one in the world who has my particular last name, so therefore, my last name isn’t included in the database.

    However, there are 818,913 others named Eric in the world (myself included would make 818,913)

  7. I’ll take Simon’s hint and propose a couple. Greek and Latin aren’t flowing right now, though. So let’s start this way, working from the kernel (I think that’s the right word) ‘same name search’:

    German: Die Selbstnamensuche
    Chinese: 同名找 which yields the following three-
    Mandarin: ‘tongmingzhao’ (2, 2, 3)
    Korean: 동명조 “dongmyeongjo”
    Japanese: ドウメイソウ “doumeisou”

  8. A try at Latin using “same name search”:
    investigatio nominis eiusdem
    Literally: (search/investigation of the same name)

  9. There are 46 of me in the USA, and 10 in the UK where I am as “rare as a wombats [sic] wingnut.”

  10. I tried AR’s suggestion of doing a Google search for my name (with quotation marks). Four of the first ten hits were references to myself, and there also seems to be a musician out there who shares my name.

    By the way, it found 89 of me in the U.S. Interesting link, Simon!

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