Sing for Water London

I will be singing with the Bangor Community Choir and many other choirs from around the UK at Sing for Water London, part of the Thames Festival, on Sunday 11th September 2011. The aim is to raise funds for Water Aid.

The Bangor Community Choir will be singing by HMS Belfast on the South Bank from about 12.15pm, and the massed choirs will be singing in the Scoop next to City Hall from 2pm.

Please come along if you can, and if you’d like to contribute to Water Aid, please go to:

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2 Responses to Sing for Water London

  1. stormboy says:

    How did it go, Simon?

  2. Simon says:

    It was fabulous – singing with 800 people was a wonderful experience, and I think we sang well and collected quite a bit of money for Wateraid. The sun smiled on us throughout the performance and the large audience seemed to enjoy themselves.

    Someone’s already posted a video of one of the songs we did (Let Love Rain Down) on Youtube:

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