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I received an email today about what is apparently the first Typographic Tour of Italy or Il Grand Tour della tipografia italiana. When I first saw the subject of the email I thought someone was organising a tour of Italy especially for typographers. Then I realised it’s actually a virtual tour via images and text on a website. There are also links to GoogleEarth, which enable you to see maps and images of the sites where the examples of type and lettering are found.

The site contains examples of inscriptions and signs from around Italy in a variety of styles and provides information about the people who designed the typefaces. Most of the information is in Italian, but there is also an explanation of the project in English.

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4 Responses to Typo Tour

  1. Weird…I saw “typo tour” and I was expecting some sort of comedy routine, seeing as in the U.S. you only hear “typo” to mean “misprint”!

  2. Yes, on this side of the Atlantic “typo” is short for “typographical error”!

  3. BG says:

    I was expecting a tour of misprinted signs in Italy.

  4. Typo tour says:

    Actually the people of “that” side of Atlantic can ALSO find italian misprinted signs 🙂

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