Language quiz

Here is today’s mystery language. Does it sound at all familiar?

The audio file is quite large, so will probably be a bit slow to download.

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6 Responses to Language quiz

  1. Daydreamer says:

    It’s obviously a Slavonic language and belongs probably to its Southern branch. Slovene?

  2. Halabund says:

    Is it Croatian?

  3. James K says:

    My guess is Slovene, too — I think I heard a modified “Ljubljana”.

  4. pittmirg says:

    I think it is a Sorbian language: I heard something like “Chośebuzu” (Cottbus) and a German word about the 22nd second. Also I heard something like uvular R which can be a German influence.

  5. David says:

    Simon has asked me to tell the answer if he has not been able to today. The answer is Lower Sorbian. It is part of the west-slavic subgroup and has about 55000 speakers in Upper and Lower Lusatia in the German Länder of Saxony and Brandenburg.

  6. Jangari says:

    Aw, I missed out on account of my timezone!

    I was thinking something Southern Slavonic, I’d never have guessed Sorbian, certainly. The prevalent /s/ versus the relatively infrequent /š/ and so on, (mis)lead me away from Western Slavonic languages.

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