Language quiz

Here’s a recording of language which is broadcast for just one hour a week on a radio station in Boston. Can you work out which language it is?

This will probably be quite an easy language to guess, so I won’t give you any other clues this time.

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14 Responses to Language quiz

  1. Polly says:

    I never participate in these and I’m probably about to make it obvious why not.
    It’s sounded like German to me. That being said, this is a language quiz so it can’t be that obvious. Is it Yiddish?

    (The music sounds Russian or maybe Hebrew)

  2. Halabund says:

    Is it Pennsylvania Dutch?

  3. Mike says:

    I agree with Polly: it has to be Yiddish.

  4. Declan says:

    Without reading the other posts I say Swiss German.

    Reading them I have to say Yiddish seems the best because there was not much that sounded German to me.

  5. Jonathan C. says:

    Yiddish. I’m certain.

  6. Bob says:

    not Swiss German–it’s not sing-song-y enough. Another vote for Yiddish.

  7. Evans Knight says:


  8. BnB says:

    This is too obvious… the recording is a bit fuzzy so I couldn’t make out many of the words, but the numbers I heard sounded like pure German, and I think I heard the verb “halten” in there somewhere… the “rhythm” also sounded right for that… so my guess is plain ol’ Hochdeutsch… can’t be that simple, can it?

  9. Mike says:

    i vote yiddish. german numbers and jewish music. neither pennsylvania dutch nor swiss german would have a radio program in boston. it could possibly be standard high german (i too thought it was a bit fuzzy and quiet), but given the music, and the fact that that would be reeeally easy i go for yiddish.

  10. jdotjdot89 says:

    It’s really too fuzzy for me to make out.
    I can guarantee you that it’s not Hebrew, though.

  11. It cannot be Hebrew; there are Germanic numbers I could understand. The accent is either Hochdeutsch or Yiddish…I mean, doesn’t Yiddish take after Hochdeutsch rather than any of the other German dialects?

  12. That’s the radio station id for the Yiddish Voice on WUNR 1600 AM!
    My mother and I would listen to it when we would drive down to Boston.
    Thanks for the memory!

  13. Like others have said, it was pretty fuzzy.

    I definitely heard German numbers in it, but that was about all I could make out. I’m guessing Yiddish because of the music.

  14. Simon says:

    The answer is … Yiddish, and it comes from a show called The Yiddish Voice / Dos Yidishe Kol on WUNR.

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