Polyglot language exchange

I came across another useful site for language learners today – Polyglot, which describes itself as a ‘free language exchange community’ where you can ‘learn languages and make friends’. The site apparently has over 100,000 members.

As well as finding online language exchange partners and penpals, you can also use the site to set up realworld meetings with other language learners. I might try to set something up in Brighton.

Some of the features of the site, like the forms, only work properly in Internet Explorer, and if you try to enter more than eight languages in the ‘Languages you want to learn’ section it says ‘Don’t over estimate yourself’, but apart from that, the site looks good.

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5 Responses to Polyglot language exchange

  1. ISPKN says:

    I actually found this site just yesterday and I signed up as well. I thought it was quite confusing and I gave up on it. Just after I found one similar and simpler called Friendsabroad.com I love it. After just 1 day I have received e-mails from Algeria, Germany, China, and the Phillipines. I may have to retry Polyglot but for now, I prefer FriendsAbroad.

  2. ISPKN says:

    To tell you the truth, I found them both on this website.

  3. ISPKN says:

    Someone write something

  4. Ramses says:

    Something 😛

  5. Kate says:

    Hello! I’m from Poland and I’d like to meet new people from around the world who speak English. I like singing and dancing very much. Contact me if you want.

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