Good news – the Omniglot forum is back.

I’m not sure how I managed it, but somehow I got it back.

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  1. Imbecilica says:

    Hm…that’s odd because it’s still down for me. Is it working for anyone else?

  2. formiko says:

    It’s still blank for me. You have to either increase your accounts hard drive space, or delete some stuff. Increasing HD space is easier 🙂

  3. Danny Turner (dtp883) says:

    It worked for me earlier. But now it’s not. I think instead of uploading pictures to the form we should use flickr or photobucket and just embed them into the posts.

  4. Christopher Miller says:

    Same here. It was OK earlier when you announced it was back on line, but now it’s back to the same blank page again.

  5. locuroso says:

    naw its working for me either.

  6. sokuban says:

    It worked for me yesterday, but not now.

  7. Svip says:

    I’d like to see Omniglot getting this thing running a lot smoother. It’s fine to admit problems with doing it yourself, but I have seen the Omniglot forums having more issues than brand new Microsoft software.

    It shouldn’t be that hard! I hope someone will come along and offer their expertise.

  8. Danny Turner (dtp883) says:

    That was a pretty rude comment. It’s not necessarily his fault. If it’s not his server crashes and failures aren’t his fault.

  9. Svip says:

    I was purely sounding my frustration. There is nothing wrong with accepting help. I am sure there people out there who are willing to offer their help (hell, I would) for the sake of keeping the forums up and running.

    I am apologise if it came off as rude. But you are right that the technical errors are not necessarily his fault. But since they keep happening, something must be amiss, and as such perhaps new methods should be attempted.

  10. Simon says:

    The problem appears to be a lack of space on the server. After deleting some files that aren’t the being used the forum has returned once more.

    I’m trying to find ways to make things run more smoothly, and would be grateful for any suggestions you have. I might move the whole site back to Globat – it’s currently on a dedicated server on 1&1. There were no problems with space on Globat, though there were regular php problems. If those php problems have been fixed then it would make sense, and save me a lot of money, to move the site.

  11. Imbecilica says:

    Yeah, it’s up and running again!

  12. sokuban says:

    Well, it’s not up anymore.

  13. Imbecilica says:

    Yeah I think it’s down again for some reason.

  14. Svip says:

    I assume the same issue have reoccurred. The forums produces more and more data, as more posts are produced by its members.

    As such, the solution is more disk space. Well, or move server. I think I should have learnt a lesson or two from hosting for a year now.

  15. Simon says:

    I think I’ve finally fixed it. The things taking up so much space on the server were backup files, most of which I’ve deleted. Then I reinstalled the forum software and restored the forum from backup. I’m having trouble logging in, but apart from that, everything seems to be ok.

  16. Svip says:

    Well, that we lost every post since 25 October.

  17. Simon says:

    Svip – that’s strange. I made the backup on 1st November, so it should include everything up to then.

  18. Svip says:

    I guess I made my post on the wrong side of 1 November then. Unfortunate.

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