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Crazy Choir / Silly Singing / Côr Gwyllt

Some recordings from the Crazy Choir / Silly Singing (a.k.a. One Heart Voice Workshop), a group of singers who used to meet regularly, including of Ruth Fischer, Rosie Waite, Simon Ager, Rosa Martinez, Evelyn Stevens, and occasionally others. We played around with existing songs, and improvised new ones from scratch.

The group was set up in 2010 by Evelyn Stevens and Mandy Simone to raise money for the Un Calon / One Heart charity, which supports homeless people in the Bangor area.

It's Okay To Be Odd / Mae'n Iawn Bod yn Od

by The Kaliphones / gan Y CaliffĂ´ns

It's Okay To Be Odd - The Kaliphones

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This is the first 'album' by The Kaliphones / Y Califfôns, a group of silly singer-songwriters and tootlers (recorder players) made up of Ruth Fischer, Rosie Waite, Femke Van Gent and Simon Ager.

It features songs written by us, that were recorded mainly in September 2019 at the William Street Studio (Simon's house). The Kitchen Symphony was improvised in Simon's kitchen. Recording and editing by Simon, with the exception of The Weeble Song and Something Sings, which were recorded by Rosie. Simon added accompaniment to The Weeble Song.

Shepherd's Hey is a favourite tune of ours that we play on our recorders - Ruth on descant, Simon on treble, and Rosie on Tenor. It's a traditional English Morris dance tune that was arranged by Percy Grainger in the early 20th century.

The Improvised Tootling was perpetrated and recorded at Treborth Botanic Garden near Bangor with Femke on descant, Ruth on treble and Simon on tenor.

Ruth and Simon came up with the name 'The Kaliphones / Y Califfôns'.

Femke created the picture that Simon turned into a cover for the album. More art by Femke

We put together this album for Rosie, who was very ill at the time. Sadly she died in October 2019, and we dedicate it to her memory.

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