Okolo Hradišča

This is a traditional Czech folk song from Moravia in Moravian dialect, arranged by Ida Kelarová and transcribed by Helen Chadwick.

Okolo-o-o-o hradishca,
vodyen ka te che
Idek-na-a-a-am, sho-ha-yek
Tso si nye ne-e se
Ne sen nye las-sku,
Svar-za nuv shat-ku,
Milova-a-a-a la sem tya
zla-tee o-braz-ku.

Milova-la-a-a-a, la sem tya
beelo to shpa-a-sem,
Ne-vye-dye-e-e-el, sho-ha-yek
jhay fale-shna sem.
Faleshna beeyla,
svarna dyev-cheena,
Ne-vye-dye-e-e-el, sho-ha-yek,
yaka pri-chi-na.


Water flows around Hradišča,
the boy is coming toward us, he brings something for me,
He brings me his love bound in shawl,
I loved you o golden picture.

I loved you, it was just fun,
The boy didn't know, that I was false,
The pretty girl was false,
The boy didn't know the reason.

The reason was,
that my mother vituperated me a lot.
do not vituperate me, mother, John is coming,
I must prepare feather on his hat.

Standard Czech spelling

Okolo Hradišča voděnka teče,
ide k nám šohajek, cosi ně nese,
nese ně lásku svázanú v šátku,
milovala sem ťa, zlatý obrázku.

Milovala sem ťa, bylo to špásem,
nevěděl šohajek, že falešná sem.
Falešná byla švarná děvčina,
nevěděl šohajek, jaká příčina.

Tá moja príčina taková byla,
že ně mamulka velice lála.
Nelaj ně, mamko, ide k nám Janko,
mosím mu nachystat za širák pérko.

Note: the translation includes an extra verse that we don't sing.

Listen to a recording of this song, made in the cathedral of Oloron-Sainte-Maire in the south west of France in May 2015 and featuring members of Bangor Community Choir and Coastal Voices from Abergele.

Here is a recording of this song from Sing for Water London 2014

Information about this song

Ida Kelarová's website

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