The Maremma is an area of Italy in the south west of Tuscany. It was a poor area where malaria and bandits were common until the early 19th century, when the marshlands of the Maremma were drained and reclaimed for farming, an initiative initiated by the Granduke of Tuscany, Granduca Leopoldo II dei Lorena.


Trad. Italian arr. Helen Chadwick

Tutti mi dicon Maremma, Maremma
E a me mi pare una
Maremma amara

L'uccello che ci va perde la penna
Io c'ho perduto una persona cara

Sempre mi piange il cuor quando ci vai
Perché ho paura non torni mai


Everyone sings your fame,
Maremma, Maremma,
But you're a bitter name to me,
Maremma, Maremma

Birds that venture there
Lose all their plumage
And I lost a love one there.

If to that vale you go
There'll be no returning,
heavy my heart with woe
Ever will be yearning.



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