Sing for Water, London 2009

Recordings made at Sing for Water in London in September 2009 by Jacqi Archer.

Sing for Water Anthem


Ts'mindao ghmerto

Ts'mindao ghmerto,
Ts'mindao dzliero,
Ts'mindao uk'vdavo,
Shegvits'qalen chven.


Holy God
Holy Almighty
Holy Immortal
Have mercy on us

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Limpopo River Song

Sayiwela, sayiwela
Sayiwela sibili
Sayiwela Ingulukudela
Siyofuna imali

Baphina obaba? / okoko?
Indubeko zomhlaba


We crossed it, we crossed it
We really crossed it
We crossed Ingulukudela
To look for money

Where are those fathers? / mothers?
They are in heaven
They left us problems
These earthly difficulties

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Nga iwi e

Ngā iwi e! Ngā Iwi e!
Kia kotahi ra te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa

E i a i e

Kia mau ra! Kia mau ra!
Ki te mana motuhake me te aroha

Wahine mā! Wahine mā!
Maranga mai, Maranga mai, kia kaha

Ta ne ma! Ta ne ma!
Whakarongo tautoko kia kaha


All you people! All you people!
Be united as one like the Pacific Ocean

Hold on firmly, hold on firmly
to you separate identity and to compassion

All you young women! All you young women!
Rise up, rise up, be strong

All you young men! All you young men!
Listen, support, be strong

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A Single Drop of Rain (Mouthful)

Vigilante Man (Mouthful)

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