Ke Arona

This song is in Sotho and became popular during the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. and was composed anonymously. This version was arranged by Siphiwo Lubambo, and transcribed by Gitika Partington.


Ke arona, ke arona
Ke arona mahata mhoho

Baboyiba che che
Baboyiba che che
Baboyiba che che
Ba che che le mora

Other parts

Ho, ke arona, ke arona
Ke arona mahata mhoho

Hear Bangor Community Choir singing this song in the music room of Penrhyn Castle.

Listen to a recording of this song made in the cathedral of Oloron-Sainte-Maire in the south west of France in May 2015 and featuring members of Bangor Community Choir and Coastal Voices from Abergele.

Other recordings of this song

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