Yaqui language, pronunciation and alphabet

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Yaqui (Yoem Noki)

Yaqui or Yoeme is an Uto-Aztecan language with about 16,000 speakers in Sonora and Sinaloa in Mexico, and in Tucson and Guadalupe in Arizona in the USA. The majority of Yaqui speakers, or Pascua-Yaqui, live in Mexico.

Yaqui pronunciation

These are the letters used to write Yaqui in Arizona.

Yaqui pronuciation


D, F and G are used only in loanwords from Spanish and English.

In Mexico some of the letters used to write Yaqui are different, for example /h/ is written with J.

Some Yaqui phrases used for Greetings

  • Lios em chania (sg) / Lios em chaniavu (pl) - Greetings! (lit. "God preserves you!")
  • Lios em chiokoe - reply to above, (lit. "God pardons you!")
  • Empo allea - May you rejoice!
  • Kettu'i - How kind!


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