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Sunscript is the creation of Colin Williams. He created it when he had nothing better to do in school and based its appearance partly on Arabic and partly on some of the Indian syllabic alphabets.

Colin uses Sunscript to write "navthāladasȧ", a language he invented after the creating the alphabet. The language is based primarily on German and Latin but has been distorted almost totally out of recognition so as to sound more like an Indian language.

Notable features

  • Sunscript is a fully vocalized abjad
  • It is cursive and written left to right in horizontal lines
  • Vowels are represented with diacritics, however; the vowel "a" can be simplified if it occurs in more than one leter in a row by drawing a line between consonants (e.g. the example in the name of the language).
  • The language uses a system of consonant-vowel groups. The first group takes the first vowel, the second the first and second vowels, the third the first three, etc. The letters "r", "lz", "dh" and "c" are erroneous letters and take slightly different vowels than their greater group.


Sample text in Sunscript

Sample text in Sunscript

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