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Ling'amon' was created by Thomas Maska to be a free flowing script capable of writing all of his favorite languages. The script is best written with a calligraphy pen but also works well without one and makes an excellent shorthand as well. It was based largely on one of his prior conlangs known as "Scryptic 1", as well as Ne'ith and Ancient Egyptian Hieratic.

The name of the script is a play on the Esperanto words "language" (lingvo) "love" (amo) and "world" (mondo). This is because the script is intended to reach out to as many different people as possible and to be accessible to as many languages as possible. There will be updates as more writing systems are assimilated into Ling'amon's structure.

Notable features

  • Used to write English, Latin, Spanish, Greek, Russian and Esperanto. (More to come).
  • The vowel Ijota appears twice because of the frequent use of [j] in Esperanto. Both the Tehtar version and the non-Tehtar version can be used at any time- it is the users discretion.
  • There is no real standard on how to connect the letters, they will often flow naturally, but sometimes it is necessary to lift one's pen.
  • Ling'amon' is flexible in that it can be used in many ways, written right to left, up and down and vice-versa. It can also use the standard English punctuation system as well.
  • The consonants Sygna and Sxael have initial, medial and terminal forms. These different forms greatly help the natural flow of the words.
  • The Tehtar vowels can be placed for convenience. Usually if the vowel precedes a consonant then it will rest above, and if it follows it will be placed below. This makes for outstanding flexibility and allows the words to be drawn in a more personal and artistic manner.

The Ling'amon' alphabet

Ling'amon' vowels

Ling'amon' consonants
Ling'amon' consonants

Ling'amon' punctuation

Sample text in the Ling'amon' script in English

Sample text in the Ling'amon' script in English


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Download an Excel spreadsheet with other sample texts in Ling'amon'

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