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Hints of Blossom

Hints of blossom on a tree

I wrote this song in mid-February 2013 inspired by the fine weather we enjoyed that week in Bangor. It was sunny and almost warm during the day with blue skies, and rather cold and frosty at night.

When I first recorded this song I sang it unaccompanied. Then I add some ukulele in the background. After I started playing the harp in 2014, I decided to try this song with harp accompaniment, and I think it works quite well.

Hints of Blossom

On a cold frosty morning in the month of February
I stepped out from my doorway to see what I could see
The birds were all singing so sweetly in the trees
And the air was so still with barely a breeze.

The sun was shining brightly from a cloudless blue sky
And new lambs were frolicking in fields as I went by
The sea was like a mirror reflecting everything
And hints of blossom on the trees just made me want to sing.

The wheel of seasons was beginning to turn
And everywhere the signs of spring were to be discerned
So with a song in my heart and a smile on my face
I walked through the world at a leisurely pace.

Here's a recording:

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