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A Panda in a Poncho

A panda in a poncho in a park

This is a nonsense song that I wrote in March 2013. It began with the sentence 'There's a panda in poncho playing ping-pong in the park' and developed from there. I made up a tune, and found that it also fits to the tune of 'She'll be coming round the mountain'. If anyone feels like doing some illustrations for it, please do.

A Panda in a Poncho

There's a panda in a poncho in the park
Playing ping-poing with a purple ardvaark
While a pig in a wig sings a song about a fig
And a fox washes rocks in a box.

There's a fox washing rocks in a box
And giving a lecture about grandfather clocks
While a giraffe in a scarf has a laugh with a calf
And poodles eat noodles with a fork.

There are poodles eating noodles with a fork
While a chimp plays chess with a stork
And baboons in bonnets recite silly sonnets
And a gorilla makes faces in a mirror.

There's a gorilla making faces in a mirror
And chatting with a cheeky chinchilla
While a goat in a boat plays bagpipes to a stoat
And a weasel weaves teasels on an easel.

Here's a recording:

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