Les mots de le semaine

français English Cymraeg
la camelote tat hen drugareddau
la maternelle nursery school / kindergarten ysgol feithrin; meithrinfa
grillées (à sec) (dry-)roasted wedi ei rostio (yn sych) (?)
le brushing blow-dry chwythsychu
faire défiler to scroll (on screen) rholio
mur wall mur; wal
mûr mature; ripe aeddfed
mûre blackberry mwyaren ddu; mafonen ddu
les arts ménagers domestic science gwyddor ty
l’économie (f) domestique home economics economeg y cartref
le râtelier à bicyclettes/vélos bike rack (on floor/ground) rhesel beiciau
le porte-vélos bike rack (on car) rhesel beiciau
la galerie roof rack rhesel ben to
le porte-bagages luggage rack rhesel baciau/fagiau
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A bit of Serbian

This is a little video I made featuring a couple of simple dialogues in Serbian. I started learning Serbian this week in preparation for the Polyglot Conference in Novi Sad in Serbia in October – I try to learn at least a little of the language of any country I visit – and I plan to make more videos like this to practise using what I’m learning.

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Les mots de la semaine

français English Cymraeg
la sécheresse drought sychder; sychdwr; sychin
le col (de montagne) (mountain) pass bwlch
prudent careful (cautious) gofalus; gwyliadwrus; pwyllog
soigneux careful (handling) gofalus
minutieux careful (examination, study) gofalus; gwyliadwrus
fais attention (be) careful! gan bwyll! gofalwch! cymer ofal!
attentivement (listen, look) carefully yn ofalus; â gofal
avec soin; soigneusement carefully (planned; controlled; worded) yn ofalus; â gofal
prudemment (drive) carefully (gyrru) yn ofalus; â gofal
éviter soigneusement de faire qch to carefully avoid doing sth osgoi gwneud rhywbeth yn ofalus
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Air ais anns a’ Chuimrigh

Thàinig mi air ais dhan a’ Chuimrigh oidhche Shathairne an déidh seachdain math dha rìreabh ann an Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. Rinn mi cùrsa Òrain Ghàidhlig ri Christine Primrose, agus bu mhór a chòrd e rium. Bha tri duine deug anns a’ chlas à Alba, ‘nam Ghearmailt, às na Stàitean Aonaichte, agus à Sasann. Chan robh Gàidhlig ag na mór-chuid aca, agus bha i doirbh dhaibh na faclan a fhuaimneachadh mar bu chòir. Dh’ionnsaich sinn naoi òrain ar fhichead ré cóig latha, no timcheall sia gach latha. Anns an oidhche bha sinn a’ seinn, a’ dannsa, a’ bruidhinn agus bha sinn gu sona sunndach.

I got back to Wales on Saturday night after a great week at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. I did the Gaelic Song course with Christine Primrose and really enjoyed it. There were thirteen of us in the class from Scotland, Germany, the USA and England. Most of the others did not speak Gaelic, and it was difficult for them to pronounce the words correctly. We learnt 29 songs in five days, or about six a day. In the evening we sang, made music, danced, chatted and had a wonderful time.

Here are recordings from the cèilidh on Thursday night when we sang a some of the songs we learnt:

E ho leagain (Hi ho my pet one) – a milking song which praises a long-haired heifer who gives plenty of milk and never kicks.

Horo mo bhobagan dram (My friend is the dram) – a song in praise of whisky,

Tha Sneachd air Druim Uachdair (There is Snow on Druim Uachdair) – a song from the 17th century by Fearchair Mac Iain Oig from Kintail about a man who is on the run from the law and is hiding out in the hills where it’s cold and lonely. I sang solo for parts of this.

Carson a’ bhios sinn muladach (Why should we be down-hearted) – a song about young men going off to war together, and how they’re worried, but hope things will turn out well and that they’ll return.

Siud mar chaidh an càl a dholaidh & Cuir a nall Mor-a-Bhitheag (That is how the kale was ruined & Send on over Marion-a-Bhitheag) – two puirt à beul or pieces of mouth music, the first of which tells how the kale was ruined by the lowland men and the emperor of France, and the second concerns Marion-a-Bhitheag – the meaning of Bhitheag in this context is uncertain.

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Les mots de la semaine

français English Cymraeg
la plance à laver washboard (y)styllen olchi; bwrdd sgwrio; golchwr
la caisse à thé tea chest cist de
le trouble des apprentissage learning difficulties anawsterau dysgu
la baleine whale morfil
la nageoire fin asgell
l’aurore boréale aurora borealis gwawl y Gogledd; goleuni’r Gogledd
le bougeoir; le chandelier candlestick canhwyllbren
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Les mots de la semaine

français English Cymraeg
l’onde / le vague de chaleur heatwave ton wres; poethdon
le marché bargin (deal) bargen
faire un marché to make a bargain taro bargen; dod i delerau
faire le (la) difficile to drive a hard bargain bargeinio’n galed; taro bargen galed
l’affaire (f) bargain (good buy) bargen
C’était une (bonne) affaire it was / they were a (good) bargain roedd yn fargen dda
marchander to bargain (haggle) bargeinio
négocier; traiter to bargain (negotiate) bargeinio
la rampe handrail (on stairs) canllaw
la balustrade rail (on bridge or balcony) canllaw
la tringle (curtain) rail ffon llen; ffon cyrten
l’armoire (f) wardrobe (cupboard) wardrob; cwpwrdd dillad; dilladfa
la garde-robe wardrobe (clothes) dilladau; gwisgoedd
l’assiette (f) anglaise cold meat/cuts cig mân
la gencive gum (part of mouth) deintgig
le bilan de santé (medical) check-up archwiliad (meddygol)
l’arête (f) ridge (of mountain; roof) trum; crib; cefn
le diplômé (d’université) (university) graduate gŵr gradd; merch radd; graddedig
le chouchas jackdaw jac-do; jac-y-do; cogfran
la cacahuète peanut pysgneuenl; cneuen ddaear/fwnci
le frein à main hand-brake brêc llaw
le roulement de tambour drum roll sŵn drwm; dadwrdd drwm; tabyrddiad
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Les mots de la semaine

français English Cymraeg
décoller to take off (plane) codi; esgyn
le client (hotel) guest gwestai
l’invité (house) guest gwestai
la combinaison de plongée wetsuit siwt gweithgareddau dwr
le coup de glotte glottal stop ffrwydrolyn/stop glotol
(pousser un) coup de guele (to have a) rant rhefru; arthio; brygowthan
la guele-de-loup snapdragon (Antirrhinum) trwyn llo; safn y llew
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Les mots de la semaine

français English Cymraeg
la poêle (à frire) frying pan padell ffrïo
le mixeur (food) mixer cymysgwr
la bétonnière cement mixer corddwr sment; peiriant cymysgu sment
le mélangeur mixer tap tap cymysgu
le plachard-séchoir airing cupboard cwpwrdd sychu/eirio/tempru
plein à craquer full to bursting; crammed llawn dop; llawn hyd yr ymylon
noir de monde swarming with people yn heidio o bobl; yn orlawn o bobl
le perroquet parrot parot; poli-parot
répéter comme un perroquet to parrot; to repeat parrot fashion ailadrodd (fel poli-parot)
l’amure (f) armour arfwisg; arfogaeth
le chevalier knight marchog
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Les mots de la semaine

français English Cymraeg
fait(e) maison; artisanal home-made cartref
la course de chevaux horse race ras geffylau
le cheval de course race horse ceffyl rasio; ceffyl ras
le hoquet hiccough/hiccup yr ig; yr igian
hoqueter to hiccup igian
le contretemps hiccup (small problem) rhwystr
j’ai le hoquet I’ve got the hiccups mae’r ig(ian) arna’ i
prévisible predicatable rhagweladwy; disgwyliadwy; rhagddywedadwy
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Les mots de la semaine

français English Cymraeg
partial biased rhagfarnllyd; unochrog, gwyrdueddol; pleidiol
apporter to bring dod â
la brise breeze awel
nuageux cloudy cymylog
la tyrolienne zip wire gwifren sip (?)
décoloré faded (fabric, object) pŵl; wedi pylu; wedi colli ei liw
jauni faded (photograph) pŵl; wedi pylu; wedi colli ei liw
bancal wobbly sigledig; siglog; woblog
branler to wobble siglo; woblo
mal famé rough (area) garw
désorienté disorientated dryslyd; ffwndrus
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