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On this blog I write about my life, and other stuff and nonsense in languages I’m learning. At the moment I mainly post interesting words that have come up in the French conversation group I go to in French, English and Welsh.

About me
My name is Simon, I live in Bangor in Wales and earn my living from Omniglot, an online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages. More about me.

Simon dw i, dw i’n byw ym Mangor yng Nghymru, a dw i’n ennill fy mywoliaeth o fy wefan, Omniglot, gwyddoniadur ar-lein o systemau ysgrifennu ac ieithoedd. Mwy amdanaf.

Simon is ainm dom, tá mé i mo chónaí i mBangor sa Bhreatain Bhig, agus tá mé ag saothrú mo bheatha ó Omniglot, ciclipéid ar líne teangacha agus córais scríbhneoireachta. Níos mó fúmsa.

Is mise Simon neo Sìm, tha mi a’ fuireach ann am Bangor anns a’ Chuimrigh, agus tha mi a’ dèanamh bith-beò à làrach-lìn agam, Omniglot, leabhar-eòlais air loidhne air siostaman sgrìobhaidh is cànain. Barrachd uman.

Mish Simon, ta mee cummal ayns Bangor ayns Vretin, as ta my çheet-stiagh çheet voish my ynnyd-eggey, Omniglot, kicklipaid çhengaghyn as coryssyn screeuee er yn eddyr-voggyl. Tooilley mychione aym.

About me in many other languages.

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