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  1. gee vine says:

    i want to register, simon. and be able to post. i love this site. just discovered it today. my first discovery was “the etymology of ‘clam'” which is the working title of something i have yet to write.all about ignorance being bliss for secret keepers and an assortment o clams [withholding types.]

    i like to imagine what unique accents might sound like .for example, the sound of a norwegian speaking child who was raised in Lebanon from ages 6-12, and then spent the next few years in uganda. and so on. Decoding this speech patterning ala ‘Enry ‘Iggins is of course sheer madness for everyone except for my hero, and master decoder/speech analyst, MUTE-MAN, who because of his superior listening skills, untangles the most complex of speech pattern s AND is often acutely aware of a speakers ‘real-life intention, all of this, to the astonishment of all speaking beings.
    and now simon, i’m off to discover the etymology of ”clamor” and ‘clamour’ and ‘amour’…i love this site.

  2. Simon says:

    Interesting points. I don’t accept guest posts for this blog, but do, sometimes, on the Omniglot blog, and you’re welcome to fine the Omniglot group on Facebook, if you haven’t done so already.

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