Neithiwr mi ganais gyda’r côr meibion mewn cyngerdd yn Newhaven. Y tro ‘ma mi gyrhaeddais mewn pryd – mi ges i lifft gydag un o’r aelodau eraill. Mi ganon ni mewn eglwys fach sy’n ddyddio o’r 12fed ganrif gydag acwsteg dda, ac roedd tua hanner cant o bobl yn y gynulleidfa. Roedd telynores yn canu’r telyn hefyd.


Aréir chan mé i gceolchoirm le cór Breatnach i Newhaven. An uair seo tháinig mé in am – chuir mé síob le comhalta eile. Chan muid in eaglais bheag atá ag dátaigh ón dara haois déag le héisteacht mhaith, agus bhí thart fá leath chéad de lucht féachana ann. Sheinn cailín óg an cláirseach cúpla uair chomh maith.


Last night I sang in a concert with the Welsh Choir in Newhaven. This time I managed to arrive on time having got a lift with one of the other members of the choir. We sang in a small church dating from the 12th century with good acoustics, and there were about 50 people in the audience. One of our regular harpists played a couple of times as well.

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