Les mots de la semaine

français English Cymraeg Brezhoneg
se multiplier comme des lapins to breed like rabbits magu fel cwningod
un raccourci; un moyen rapide short cut llwybr llygad/tarw berradenn
prendre un raccourci to take a short cut mynd y ffordd gyntaf;
dilyn llwybr llygad/tarw
hent miliner
une borne bollard postyn; clymbost matezh
faire la une;
faire la première page
to be front-page news bod yn brif newyddion;
bod ar y dudalen flaen
bezañ a bajenn gentañ (?)
un demi-tour (lit);
un revirement,
une volte-face (fig)
U-turn tro pedol hanterdro; distroenn;
faire volte-face to do a U-turn (fig) gwneud tro pedol ober hanterdro (?)
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2 Responses to Les mots de la semaine

  1. Kevin says:

    Mae’n flin ‘da fi — sorry: ’tis I bein’ a pain once more (Jim, lad) — but une bonne is a maid (domestic servant). A bollard is une borne — though in my experience une borne “maps” probably more closely onto what English-speakers call a milestone than to anything else. (The fact that there is almost never a one-to-one correspondence betwen vocabulary items in any given language pair is probably one of the most intriguing/frustrating facts of life for language-learners!)

  2. Simon says:

    Kevin – your comments and corrections are always welcome. It’s good to know that at least one person visits this blog.

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