Les mots de la semaine

français English Cymraeg Brezhoneg
veinard; chançard lucky devil/bugger cenau lwcus chañs
avoir de la veine;
avoir de la chance
to be lucky bod yn lwcus
chanceux lucky lwcus eürus
l’échapée belle lucky escape dianc lwcus
le jour de chance lucky day dydd lwcus
le coup de vein lucky break ergyd lwcus taol -chañs
la cuve tank; vat; bunker byncer; daeardy; cerwyn pip
la cellule (prison/animal/plant) cell cell kellig
l’aquarelle (f) watercolour dyfrlliw dourliv
boiteux lame cloff kamm
la note chit darn papur notenn
délicat; nauséeux; barbouillé queasy (stomach) sâl; swp sâl; (stumog) wan da sevel ar galon; klañv
mal à l’aise queasy (uneasy) anesmwyth; anniddig; aflonydd diaes
le cercle vicieux vicious circle cylch cythreulig; cylch anfad kelc’h bac’h
la cote (betting) odds ods; ots
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One Response to Les mots de la semaine

  1. Kevin says:

    Please forgive a few more notes:

    *l’échappée belle

    I don’t think that such a noun phrase really exists in French. The noun “une échappée” means, amongst other things, “a breakaway”, but not really “an escape”; that would be “une évasion” or “une fuite”. There may have been some confusion here with the verb phrase “l’échapper belle”, meaning “to escape by the skin of one’s teeth / have a narrow escape”

    NB un coup de veine

    E. bunker = F. abri (souterrain), or …bunker [shelter]

    I don’t really see the connection to

    F. cuve = E. tank / cistern / vat [liquid container]

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