Les mots de la semaine

français English Cymraeg Brezhoneg
se marrer (bien) to have a good laugh cael hen hwyl / cael hwyl a hanner
se marrer comme un bossu to laugh out loud chwerthin lond bol/yn foliog/yn braf dic’hargadennoù
on s’est bien marrés we had a good laugh mi gawson ni hen hwyl
en avoir marre de to be tired of / fed up with wedi hen flino bout skuizh -faezh
j’en ai marre I’m fed up dw i wedi hen flino Me ‘zo skuizh
c’est marre ! that’s it! enough already! dyna ddigon! trawalc’h !
la malaria; le paludisme malaria malariam; y crydm malaria; kleñved ar paludoù
chalereux warm (greeting; applause; person) brwd; twym; twymgalon; cynnes taer; tomm; hegarat
charrier qn to have sb on; to be kidding twyllo ober an hegig g’ ub; monet (mont) er maez eus ar park
railler; taquiner to make fun of sb gwneud hwyl/sbort am ben rhywun; chwerthin am ben rhywun godisal; nodal; tatinat; ober an hegig; risignat
le bouc billygoat bwch gafr bo(u)c’h
le chien de soleil; l’œil de bouc sun dog hwyl ffug; ci hwyl (?)
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