Les mots de la semaine

français English Cymraeg Brezhoneg
la pastille pour la toux cough lozenge/sweet losin at y frest; losin peswch; da-da annwyd pastilh an paz (?)
le pastille pour le mal de gorge throat lozenge/sweet losin gwddwg; da-da dolur gwddw pastilh an lo(v)rniet ma goûg (?)
la puce flea chwannen c’hwenn
le pouce thumb bawd meud
le gros orteil big toe bawd troed meud an troad
le deuil mourning galarus kañv
pleurer to mourn galaru gouelañ; garmat; leñvañ
prendre le deuill to go into mourning dechrau/cychwyn galaru ober e gañvoù; (g)ober begin
bruyant; chahuteur rowdy; noisy swnllyd; stwrllyd; terfysglyd; tyrfus trouzus
les nuisances sonores (fpl) noise pollution llygredd sŵn noazadurioù e-keñver trouz
délier la langue à qn to loosen sb’s tongue llacio tafod rhywun distagellañ
diversifier to diversify amrywio; amrywiaethu liesaat; dizunvaniñ
la forge smithy gefail gof govel
le forgeron blacksmith gof gov
ériger/dresser des barricades to set up a barricade codi baricêd savelladenniñ stoc’hoù
tenir des barricades to man the barricades gweithio baricadau
le feuilleton (TV/radio) serial cyfres romant -kazetenn
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One Response to Les mots de la semaine

  1. Bruno Guillemin says:

    Hello there,
    sorry to be pedantic but it is “la pastille” . As a matter of fact I think that all the words ending in ille are feminine in French (la fille, la famille, la pastille, la grille, etc…, Although I’m sure that some clever clog will come out with an exception to prove me wrong.

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