Dydd tawel

Fel arfer mi wnes i gweithio yn y bore ddoe, ac mi wnes i canu cerddoriaeth yn y prynhawn. Mi es i i Morrisons am ginio oherwydd doedd dim digon o bethau i fwyta yn y tŷ, a phan ro’n i’n barod am ginio roedd hi’n dipyn rhy hwyr i fynd yr holl ffordd i Morrisons, i brynu pethau, i ddod yn ôl ac i eu coginio. Mi wnes i bwyta coesgyn efo pîn-afal, sglods a phys, ac roedd y coesgyn wedi ei orgoginio tipyn. Mi wnes i aros gartref neithiwr.

As usual I worked in the morning yesterday, and played music in the afternoon. I went to Morrisons for lunch as there weren’t enough things to eat in the house, and when I was ready for lunch it was a bit to late to go all the way to Morrisons, to buy things, to come back and to cook them. I had gammon with pineapple, chips and peas, and the gammon was a bit over-cooked. I stayed in last night.

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