Ffrangeg a iwcwlilis

Roedd dim ond tri ohonon ni yn y grŵp sgwrsio Ffrangeg heno – wel tri a hanner, a dweud y gwir – roedd un arall sy’n medru deall Ffrangeg ac sy’n methu ei siarad. Ar ôl awr o Ffrangeg mi es i i’r clwb iwcwlili yn y tafarn Groegeg. Roedd llai ohonon ni yna na’r wythnos diwetha’ – tua deg, dw i’n meddwl, ond mae hyn yn lot mwy na’r tymor diwetha’. Heblaw’r caneuon arferol, mi wnes i canu rhyw ganeuon fy hunan hefyd, caneuon dw i ‘di sgwenu.

There were only three of us in the French conversation group tonight – well, three and a half actually – there was one who can understand French but doesn’t speak it. After an hour of French I went to the ukulele club in the Greek. There were fewer of us there than last week – about 10, I think, but that’s a lot more than last term. Apart from the usual songs, I also sang a few of my own songs, songs that I’ve written.

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