Roedd sesiwn da yn fy nhŷ y prynhawn ‘ma efo tri ohonon ni yn canu’r cymysgedd arferol o gerddoriaeth o Ynys Manaw, o’r Alban ac o Iwerddon. Ar ôl canu yn y côr cymuned yn yr hwyr, mi es i adref, ac ro’n i’n meddwl am fynd i sesiwn cerddoriaeth yn y Skerries, tafarn fach rownd y gornel o fan hyn, ond mi wnaeth hi’n dechrau bwrw glaw trwm a mi wnes i penderfynu aros gatref.

There was a good session in my house this afternoon with three of us playing the usual mixture of tunes from the Isle of Man, Scotland and Ireland. After singing in the community choir in the evening, I went home and was thinking about going to a music session in the Skerries, a small pub round the corner from here, but it started to rain heavily and I decided to stay at home.

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