Possan ynseydee çhengey

Va tree ain ec y possan ynseydee çhengey jea, as loayr shin ayns y Vaarle, y Vretnish as y Rangish. Ta doghys aym dy vee tooilley sleih ayn Jemayrt. Ny yei shen hie mee dys cloie enmyssit ‘I’m with the band’ ‘syn ollooscoill. Cloie mychione possan kiaullee lesh olteynyn voish Sostyn, Nablin, Bretin as Nerin Hwoaie enmyssit ‘The Union’ v’ayn. V’ad ry-cheilley rish foddey dy hraa, agh ren ad scarrey as daag y cloieder gitar voish Nablin – ogher earroo dys neuchommeeys Nalbin. V’eh aitt as symoil, as va resoonaght ny yei lesh y screeudeyr, y stiureyder as ny cloiederyn lesh Alun Ffred Jones, oltey jeh’n Çhionnal Ashoonagh Vretin son Arfon, ‘sy chaair

There were three of us at language learners’ group yesterday, and we talked in English, Welsh and French. I hope there’ll be more people on Tuesday. After that I went to a play called ‘I’m with the band’ at the university. It was a play about a band with members from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland called ‘The Union’. They were together for a long time, but broke up after the guitarist from Scotland left – a reference to Scottish independence. It was funny and interesting, and there was a discussion afterwards with the writer, the director and the actors with Alun Ffred Jones, Wales Assembly Member for Arfon, in the chair.

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