Possan coloayrtys yl-çhengagh

Ren mee reaghey arraghey ennym y possan coloayrtys yl-çhengagh jiu er yn oyr nagh vel ymmodee sleih oayllagh rish y fockle ‘polyglot’ (yl-çhengagh). Myr shen cha nel ennym y possan ‘Bangor Polyglots’ nish agh ‘Bangor Language learners’ (Ynseydee Çhengey Bangor). Ren mee arraghey laa as traa y possan myrgeddin ny yei resoonaght lesh olteynyn elley er Facebook. Ta dooghys aym dy jig ram sleih nish. Bee yn chied cruinnaght yn imbagh shoh ayns thie bee ‘sy vean y valley fastyr Jesarn, as bee cruinnaght elley fastyr Jemayrt ‘sy boayl cheddin.

I decided to change the name of the polyglot conversation group today as not many people are familiar with the word polyglot. So I isn’t Bangor Polyglots any more but Bangor Language Learners. I change the day and time of the group too after a discussion with other members on Facebook. I hope that quite a few people with come now. The first meeting of this term will be in a café in the centre of town on Saturday afternoon, and there’ll be another meeting on Tuesday evening in the same place.

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