Laa kayeeagh

Va laa kayeeagh ayn jiu, ren ny cruink skellal roish as v’eh beggan feayr, agh cha row eh ro olk. Ren mee obbyr er ny duillagyn mychione yn abbyrlhit Kyrillagh as y Rooshish er Omniglot moghrey jiu, as ‘syn ‘astyr chloie mee kiaull, hie mee dys yn ard-vargey, as ren mee brishtagyn.

It was foggy today, the hills disappeared, and it was a bit chilly, but it wasn’t too bad. I worked on the pages about the Cyrillic alphabet and Russian on Omniglot this morning, and this afternoon I played some music, went to the supermarket, and made some biscuits.

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