Nabooyn noa

Moghrey jiu chloie mee feddanyn millish lesh caarjyn. Cha nel eh cho grianagh as jea agh t’eh çhiow. Ta nabooyn-dorrys noa aym – she studeyryn adsyn as hie ad stiagh jiu. Cha daink mee nyn guail foast. Dooyrt y çhiarn thallooin rhym myr vees ad ro tharmaneagh, cur fys da, agh er leshyn cha bee crampys erbee ayn.

This morning I played recorders with friends. It isn’t as sunny as yesterday but it is warm. I have now neighbours – they’re students who moved in today. I haven’t met them yet. The landlord asked me to call him if they’re too noisy, but he thinks that there won’t be any problems.

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