Va laa çhiow, grianagh ayn jiu as ‘syn ‘astyr va mee smooinaghtyn er goll magh er my ghaawheeyl. Ren mee pumpal ny crouyn neese as va mee aarloo goll, as eisht smooinee mee dy jarroo bare lhiam goll son cosheeaght. Myr shen chur mee my ghaawheeyl er ash ‘sy shamyr aarlee as hie mee magh er chosh. S’mie lhiam daawheeylaght, agh cha nel mee eh y yannoo s’anvenkey ny laghyn shoh – ta ram cronkyn ‘syn ard shoh as t’eh kiart ny s’assey dy gholl son cosheeaght.

It was a warm, sunny day today and this afternoon I was thinking of going out on my bike. I pumped up the tyres and was ready to go, then I thought that actually I’d prefer to go for a walk. So I put my bike back in the kitchen and went out on foot. I enjoy cycling, but rarely do it these days – that are plenty of hills in this area and it’s just easier to go for a walk.

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