Condughteyr noa

Aahoshee y sheshaght chiaullee pobble Bangor riyr lesh condughteyr noa – darree ain shenn condughteyr dys Cardiff kegeesh er dy henney dy ve rish e leggad. Ta ain condughteyr noa stiurey sheshaght chiaullee elley ayn Abergele, as t’ee cummal eddyr ayns shid as ayns shoh ayn Deganwy. Ghow shin arraneyn noa, as arrane ta shin oayllagh rish, as t’eh yindyssagh dy ve goaill arrane ayns possan mooar reesht. Er lhiam dy vee ee condughteyr mie.

The Bangor community choir started again last night with a new conductor – our old conductor moved to Cardiff a fortnight ago to be with her partner. Our new conductor leads another choir in Abergelle, and she lives between there and here in Deganwy. We sang some new songs, and a song we knew, and it’s great to be singing in a large group again. I think she’ll be a good conductor.

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