Arran as baarey fuilt

Va dramane ayn feie’n laa jea, as va leaumyn ayn chammah. ‘Sy voghrey ren mee arran. ‘Syn ‘astyr hie mee er son baarey fuilt, ren mee fuinney yn arran, as ren mee shuilgey smeir as ooylyn as ren mee broie ad ry-cheilley. Ren mee beggan obbyr as cliaghtey chiaullee chammah.

It drizzled all day yesterday, and there were some heavy showers as well. In the morning I made some bread. In the afternoon I had my hair cut, I baked the bread, and I picked some blackberries and apples and stewed them together. I also did a bit of work and music practice.

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