Sheshaght chiaullee corragh

Riyr ghow mee arrane ‘syn sheshaght chiaullee corragh. Phrow mee ynsaghey ny sleih elley m’arrane mychione foillanyn as spollagyn (Spollagyn son tey), as ghow shin arraneyn eigsoylagh elley. Ta shin cur cochiaull er arraneyn dy mie er enney, as ta shin lhiassaghey arraneyn jeh hene, as ta bun feeamyn ny focklyn gyn tort, ny cooishyn cadjin rish ny arraneyn shen.

Yesterday evening I sang in the crazy choir. I tried to teach the others my song about seagulls and chips (Chips for tea), and we sang various other songs. We add harmonies to well-known songs, and also make up songs, which are based on random sounds and words, or everyday events.

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