Va sheshoon kiaullee mie ayns my hie fastyr jea. Cha daink agh nane fer elley, as chloie shin carryn Erinagh, son y chooid smoo, er y feddan stainnagh, er y feddan ishil, er y gitar as er y conserteen. Chloie mysh my cavaquinho noa (sorçh jeh gitar beg voish yn Phortiugal) chammah. Chionnee mee strengyn noa er e hon yn çhiaghtyn shoh, er yn oyr dy row strengyn neugheyr er tra hooar mee eh as chaill eh y carr dy mennick. Nish t’eh tannaghtyn lesh y carr, fo ny harrish. Foddee by char dou ynsaghey cloie carryn son cavaquinho voish yn Phortiugal nish.

There was a music session in my place this afternoon. Only one other person turned up, and we mainly played tunes from Ireland on the tin whistle, the low whistle, the guitar and the concertina. I also played my new cavaquinho (a kind of baby guitar from Portugal). I bought new strings for it this week because it had not very good strings on it when I got it and went out of tune all the time. Now it stays in tune, more or less. Maybe I should learn to play a few tunes for cavaquinho from Portugal now.

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