Markiaght aashag

Hannee daa markiaghyn aashag marym riyr – nane voish yn Chanadey as nane voish yn Pholynn. V’ad tannaghtyn ayns Cardiff as reih ad çheet neese dys Twoaie Vretyn Veg dys drappal sleityn. Hie shin er yn ordaag dys Pen-y-Pass jea, ghrapp ad Snowdon, as hie ad dys Bangor er yn ordaag ny yei shen. Haink ad dhys my thie slane anmagh er yn oie riyr, as ren shin coloayrt rish foddey dy hraa. Moghrey jiu dirree ad slane anmagh as er yn oyr dy vel yn emshir goll ny s’fliugheyder as ny s’feayrey, as cha row drappal sleityn fo’n fliaghey cur taitnys daue, reih ad goll er ash dys Cardiff trooid Aberystwyth.

Two couchsurfers stayed with me last night – one from Canada and one from Poland. They were staying in Cardiff and decided to come to North Wales to climb some mountains. They hitch-hiked to Pen-y-Pass yesterday, climbed Snowdon, and then hitch-hiked to Bangor. They arrived at my place quite late yesterday evening and we chatted for quite a while. This morning they got up quite late, and because the weather is becoming wetter and colder and they didn’t fancy climbing mountains in the rain, they decided to go back to Cardiff via Aberystwyth.

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