Feddanyn millish

Moghrey jea chouds va mee gobbyr, hug carrey yllagh çhellvane hym as chur ee feysht orrym dy row mee çheet dys y possan feddan millish ny nagh row. Yarrood mee dy bollagh dy row shin cloie y moghrey shen, as hie mee dys tie my charrey dy tappee lesh my feddanyn millish. Lurg kirbyl ren mee thooilliu obbyr, as chloie mee er y phianney as er y gitar.

Yesterday morning while I was working I got call from a friend asking me whether I was coming to the recorder group or not. I completely forgot that we were playing that morning, and hurried off to my friend’s house with my recorders After lunch I did some more work, and played the piano and guitar.

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