Frassyn as grian

V’eh deayrtey fliaghey moghrey jea as ren mee beggan obbyr. ‘Syn ‘astyr haink yn grian magh as hooyl mee seose Dyffryn Cegin (glion kishteen), as er-ash trooid Maesgeirchen (magher corkey). V’eh feer sheeoil as aalin, as cha row ram sleih ayn. Ren mee shuilgey smeir chammah, agh cha row mooaran ayn. ‘Syn oie ren mee coloayrt lesh carrey Sheckagh er Skype.

It tipped it down yesterday morning and I did a bit of work. In the afternoon the sun came out and went for a walk along the Cegin valley, and back through Maesgeirchen. It was very peaceful and beautiful, and there weren’t many people about. I also picked some blackberries, but there weren’t very many. In the evening I chatted to a Czech friend on Skype.

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