Fastyr jea ren mee shuilgey tooilley smeir, as ren mee broit ad lesh ooylyn voish my villey ooyl. Ren mee sconnagyn lesh ooylyn as sultaanaghyn chammah. ‘Syn ‘astyr hie mee da giense y possan coloayrtys Frangish ec thie carrey. T’eh cummal ayns thie mooar faggys da’n ollooscoill ayns paart jeh Bangor nagh row mee oayllagh rish. Dee shin feill vart bourguignon lesh praaseyn broojit as poanreyn-glass, as va key riojey son puiddin. Va y lhongey feer blasstal. Ren shin coloayrts ny lei jinnair, as goaill mee arrane ny ghaa.

Yesterday afternoon I picked some more blackberries, and I stewed them with apples from my apple tree. I also made some apple and sultana scones. In the evening I went to a friend’s house for a French conversation group party. He lives in a large house close to the university in a part of Bangor I wasn’t familiar with. We had bœuf bourguignon with massed potatoes and green beans, and there was ice cream for pudding. It was a very tasty meal. We chatted after dinner, and I sang a few songs.

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