Er ash ayns Bangor

Haink mee er ash dys Bangor er y traen jea. Jimmee yn trean ayns Warrington voym er yn oyr dy daink y trean voish Lancaster dy anmagh, myr va mee ayns Bangor oor dy anmagh. Dy fortanagh va bee as red ri lhaih aym. Cha daink peiagh erbee agh mysh dys y possan coloayrtys yl-çhengagh riyr, agh ren mee beggan lheiltyssyn er y chooid sloo goll dys y thie oast Greagagh.

I came back to Bangor on the train today. I missed my connection in Warrington becuase the train from Lancaster was delayed, so I was in Bangor an hour late. Fortunately I had food and something to read. Nobody else turned up to the polyglot conversation group last night, but at least I got some exercise going to the Greek taverna.

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